Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello and I'm back from Tennessee. Some of you know that I went down for a month to help with family and had taken time off from crafting. Now I am catching up on things at home and in my craft world. There were a couple weddings during the past month or so and I was unable to attend; however, since I like to recycle wedding, graduation etc. invites I receive, today's share are the two cards I did for the brides and grooms.

For the Black card, you can see the wedding invite and then the card I am sending them. The inside also has a gift card pocket made with the gray filigree paper. I added the velum with the saying, the black metallic paper, lace trim, brads, and flowers (the colors were silver, off white and yellow, and a peachy color from what I could tell in the wedding photos). I hope they like it.

For the Red card (unfortunately I didn't take a scan of the wedding invite), I added the velum saying and brads. Under the velum you can just barely see their names. Anyway, they were very pleased with their card!


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