Friday, October 14, 2011

Harvest Time

Hello there! It has been a busy couple weeks for us as you can see from today's picture. I also froze some grated zucchini to use at a later time. So stamping and crafting have taken a back seat for a bit! (Although I did manage to get all my swaps done and mailed out mid-month. I will share the inches I made - they are so darn cute! and addicting and challenging.) Salsa is a first for us this year and it turned out really good so we are happy with that. Also potatoes were a first and they grew rather well. Oh, since this picture was taken, we've made peach and apple preserves. Yummy!

Just a note to the blogs I'm following - it's a pleasure to see all the wonderful and awesome talent and yummy foods! Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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  1. Lovely harvest! I had no idea that you could grate and freeze zucchini! Sounds and looks yummy!